Fortnite Black makes use of the Epic/Fortnite API. This API gives us the ability to pull your stats for the current season or the lifetime of the account.

We have dedicated machines which sole purpose is to continually pull data for all players in our database and keep their stats up to date.

Due to the method we use to calculate per-match statistics, some matches may appear 'grouped'. This is because in the time between our stat checks you have played multiple matches. This can occur when time between matches ending are short or when our time to check stats are slower than expected.

We are unable to view some players stats due to their `Leaderboard Privacy` on their Fortnite account. At this time the only way to fix this is to change this option to be public.

We're unaware of the exact details but we have noticed issues with the Epic Games API where it can be much slower than expected to update. We're seeing delays of up to multiple days for stats to update and matches to be tracked.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change this. We're monitoring the situation and if we see the issue persist for a long time we may switch back to their previous stats API.